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Arizona Bugs, Cont’d……..

Arizona is made up of the beautiful and mysterious desert.  It includes some amazing creatures and insects, some harmful, some not.  Here are just a few you may encounter in your home or yard……..

  1.  Desert Centipede

There are so many different species of the centipede, but this particular one you will find along a large portion of the desert throughout the Southwest and also down into Mexico.  They are carnivorous and feed on insects, lizards, and rodents.  The pinch is painful, so be on the lookout if you are stepping in the dark. 

  1.  Desert Tarantula

These guys are huge, hairy, and harmless.  They will leave you along if you leave them alone.  They do bite if provoked, but their belly hairs are their best form of protection.  If and when a predator attempts to eat one for lunch, they will not like those belly hairs too much!

  1.  Giant Hair Scorpion  AZ Best Rated Pest Control Company Phoenix

He looks pretty intimidating, but unlike its relative, the AZ Bark Scorpion, the sting is less dangerous (but just as painful).  At 5 inches long, these guys are easy to spot.  They come out at night to eat the crickets and termites. 

  1.  Palo Verde Root Borer

If you have Palo Verde trees in your yard (or any other desert tree), you most likely have seen one of these walking around the yard or crawling up the exterior walls.  They can grow to be nearly 4 inches long and emerge from the ground to mate.  The mature beetles wont much on the desert trees, but its larva babies will eat the roots!  AZ Best Rated Pest Control Company Phoenix


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