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Herb Garden Pests, Continued……


Make sure to check out the previous article for a bit more information!  But, below you will find some of the most common herb insects and also some tips on how to keep them off the tender foliage! If you love to Garden, check out some of the golden rules when it comes to keeping a beautiful garden!


Spider Mites:  These guys love hot, dry conditions and can be found on the underside of the herb leaves.  A strong stream of water is about all you need.  Aim it at the foliage and irrigate regularly. 

Whiteflies:  They are also found on the underside of the leaves.  Soapy water or a strong spray with water usually does the trick!

Leafhoppers:  These guys don’t do a lot of damage but love basil, oregano and parsley.  Simply knock these guys off with a splash of water.

Leafminers:  They love succulent basil and will leave tunneling trails between the upper and lower leaf surfaces.  Again, try using horticultural soaps! AZ Carefree Pest Control Near Me

Parsley Worms:  These are black swallowtail caterpillars that morph into butterflies.  Instead of eliminating, plant plenty of parsley, dill, and fennel.  They will much of this, and then, in time, turn into a beautiful butterfly! 

Flea Beetles:  These are pests---they chew pinprick holes in the leaves of herbs—but usually don’t do serious damage.  Try some soapy water to kill these pests. 

Weevils:  These guys love parsley roots but usually do no sustaining damage.

Spittle Bugs:  They leave an unsightly spit-like froth on foliage, but can easily be washed off with water. AZ Carefree Pest Control Near Me

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