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Keeping Your Restaurant Pest Free

If you think you are alone in battling pests at your restaurant, think again.  Every restaurant battles pests----but some, win the battle easily, especially if they have a great pest management company in place.  Here are a couple of tips to help you not only keep pests under control, but also share with your employees so that they to, can help keep the pesky pests away! 

Clean Clean Clean

Once a restaurant is open for business, expect traffic, food-filled tables and the trash to overflow!  Make sure the staff stays on top of cleaning!  This will help to reduce pests.  Keep plates cleared and the tables and chairs wiped down in between customers.  Sweep and mop every day, even through-out the day to keep crumbs and debris gone.  Take the garbage out often, especially if it has food waste in it.  Put the trash in a sealed plastic trash bag and in the dumpster.  Dumpsters should be as far away from the building as possible. AZ Cave Creek Pest Control Near Me


Closing up Shop

Every day at the end, regroup with the staff.  Ask them if they kept a watchful eye out for pests.  Make sure the staff stays pest educated.  Encourage them to report immediately if they see insects or droppings.  Staying proactive about pests means using fewer chemicals to treat the area.  This is, of course, a much healthier environment for employees and customers.  When employees and owners work together to keep a healthy and clean restaurant, it truly is a win-win for everyone!  AZ Cave Creek Pest Control Near Me


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