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The Truth About Daddy Long Legs

  1.  Daddy long legs aren’t Spiders.  True or False?

True!  While they are considered arachnids……keep in mind so is a mite, tick, scorpions, and other eight-legged creatures…..they actually belong to the Opiliones and more closely related to mites and scorpions than Spiders! 

  1.  Daddy long legs have the most Toxic Venom of ALL Spiders.  True or False?

False!  Daddy long legs actually do not have venom at all.  There is a myth that they have a toxic, powerful venom but their fangs are too small to bite.  First, we have already learned that these little guys aren’t even spiders…..AND these guys do not even have venom glands or fangs! 

Now, daddy long legs can bite---but they do not have venom that can harm humans. 

  1.  Daddy Long Legs can’t make webs.  True or False? AZ Mesa Pest Control

True!  These spiders do not form webs, or even make silk for that matter.  These “spiders” have a pill-shaped body, meaning they do not have a waist like other spiders.  They also only have TWO eyes!  These guys can eat chunks of food, not just liquid. 

  1.  Daddy long legs are Ancient Spiders.  True or False?

True!  These Opiliones found their groove a long time ago and have barely changed at all over millions of years.  It is believed that the daddy long leg split off from scorpions.

  1.  Daddy long legs can play dead.  True or False?

True!  These guys have LONG legs, and even though they have the legs for it, they aren’t really into running away when faced with danger.  Instead, they will just curl their legs and play dead when they are disturbed.  They will do this for several minutes just to make sure the danger has passed.  AZ Mesa Pest Control


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