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Summer Bugs


Summer is almost is full swing!  Temperatures will be heating up, we are more active enjoying the warm days and outdoors.  Some of the most active bugs in the summer are ants, fruit flies and wasps/hornets.  What makes these bugs so much more active during the summer months? 

If you notice a spike in wasp and hornet activity during the summer months, you are right.  Why are they most active then?  Well, by the time the late summer rolls around, the queen has laid enough eggs to produce thousands of wasps within the colony.  With so many wasps in the nest, the working wasps will begin to emerge.  This will make it more likely to see an increase in wasp activity around their nest. 

Another pest that loves the summer months, is the ant.  They become more active when the temperatures stay between 70 and 90 degrees.  This is when they actively forge for food.  Some species, like the house ant, will forage in larger numbers during certain times of the day—when the temperatures are cooler.  But most ants will forage almost any time of day and night during the summer.  When an ant is foraging, this makes them more likely to be seen in plain sight. AZ Pest Control Near Me Fountain Hills

Fruit flies.  Oh such pests!  Late in the summer and into fall is the prime time for fruit fly activity.  This is harvest season.  So this season has loads of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are key to completing the life cycle of a fruit fly.  They lay their eggs in organic matter, like a fruit or vegetable.  Right after hatching, the larvae will survive by feeding on it.  You may wonder why you are seeing so many at one time.  Well a fruit fly can lay up to around 500 eggs in a lifetime.  A life cycle only takes about one week.  This means that is that a few fruit flies can quickly become a full-blown infestation rather quickly.  AZ Pest Control Near Me Fountain Hills


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