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AZ Pest Control Near Me Mesa

Arizona Pests



Tarantulas and Spiders

Very rarely will you find a tarantula in the home, unless of course, they are pets.  You will, however, find them outdoors.  Tarantulas are not dangerous, but if they bite, the bite can be painful.  Many are scared of these spiders because of their size alone.  Spiders love to make their home in your home, most spiders are harmless.  Arizona is home to the black widow and the brown recluse—these, are not harmless.  Both have dangerous bites, and medical attention needs to be sought right away. 



All species of scorpions are considered venomous.  Most sting is no worse than a bee sting, that being said, most people want nothing to do with them in their home.  The smallest scorpion is the most dangerous in Arizona, the bark scorpion.  They are only about 2 to 3 inches long including the tail, but inject a highly toxic venom that can cause intense pain, and in some cases, breathing difficulties and convulsions.  Medical treatment should be sought right away if you are stung by a Bark Scorpion. 



Arizona is home to more than 25 species of ticks.  AZ Pest Control Near Me Mesa The average human usually will only come in contact with just a few species.  The most common in homes, the brown dog tick.  Their preferred host is a dog, but they will also feed on humans.  This tick carries Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a dangerous disease that has to be treated with antibiotics as soon as possible.  Lyme disease, a problem in the United States, is very rare in Arizona.  Ticks that carry this specific disease are not well adapted to the dry climate. 


Bees and Wasps

These are quite common in Arizona, especially during the Spring and Summer months.  Depending on the species, some are solitary while other will live in colonies.  They are usually more annoying than dangerous, but having an allergy is not uncommon.  Killer bees are much more aggressive than any other type of bee and when they attack, it is in swarms. AZ Pest Control Near Me Mesa

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