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Flying Ants?  Not A Good Sign…….

As if ants weren’t bad enough, but flying ants in the home?  Never a good thing…..especially if they are seen during the winter, inside the home.  If you find a winged ant (or two) inside your home during the summer, that’s not that big of deal or usually not that big of problem—-but if you see them during the winter indoors, it is very possible that there is a carpenter ant nest within the structure of the home.

Knowing the Difference between Ants & Termites

Around the United States, it is very common to see carpenter ants—but often times they are confused with termites.  A lot of times carpenter ants are much larger in size, than termites.  Carpenter ants are one of the largest when it comes to ant species; but there are also carpenter ants that can be very small—-so size is not the best way to determine the particular species.  


Carpenter Ant Characteristics:

*dark body in color

*small narrow waist

*bent antennae

*back (hind) wings are shorter than the front wings  Ant Exterminator Mesa AZ


Carpenter ants also  are found and seen more in the open than termites.  Both are extremely destructive to homes, but they do differ in what damage they actually do.  Termites will eat the wood when they are tunneling, but the carpenter ant will only nest in it.  They do not eat it.  


If you come across what you think may be carpenter ants (or even termites), make sure to call your local pest control professional!  They will know exactly what to do, and will help restore and keep your home insect free!  Ant Exterminator Mesa AZ


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