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Ant Pest Control Cave Creek AZ

Tips for a Pest-Free Holiday

How to decorate for the season without worrying about pests

The holiday season is here and families across the country are getting in the Christmas Spirit!  Stringing festive lights, wrapping presents and decorating their homes.  May seem like no big deal, but this provides opportunities for pests like spiders, ticks, ants, and mice to be brought indoors during the holidays.  Christmas Trees, Wreaths, and Firewood……..are a haven for pesky pests!  Ants, spiders, ticks and other pests hide deep in the branches of the tree, or in the crevice of firewood.  They can even lay eggs in trees or garland!  When those items are brought indoors, the eggs can hatch and create a major pest infestation. 


To prevent this from happening, take a few minutes and inspect these items before you bring them inside.  Looks for insects, nests, or eggs.  Shake off greenery that is used outdoors, this will rouse any hidden tenants! Ant Pest Control Cave Creek AZ

Another place pests love to access the home during this time of year, is through boxes of decorations.  These are often stored in basements, attics, garages, and crawlspaces, all of which are their favorite hiding spots!  Mice find their way into the boxes during the off-season, and when the homeowner unpacks the decorations, they may find live or dead pets and droppings inside!  Unfortunately, they also may have chewed or destroyed your holiday decorations! 


When it comes time to decorate, unpack the holiday items outside and inspect them for signs of pests, droppings, gnaw marks or any other damage BEFORE you bring them indoors.  Look at the strings of lights to make sure the wiring hasn’t been frayed! Ant Pest Control Cave Creek AZ

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