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Common Questions about Ants, continued

Concerns or questions about ants, especially winged ants?  Sometimes seeing a winged ant can represent a problem, but other times, especially if you only see one, its not cause for concern.  Check out more common question articles on our website!  


Do I have a problem if I see flying termites in my home during the winter?

So termites aren’t ants, first of all…..but are often confused to be.  But to answer the question, this could be a problem.  Termites do not usually swarm at all during the winter, but that doesn’t mean it never happens.  They can swarm in warm buildings or structures that are infested.  If this happens, this will require calling a professional.  


How do I know if what I am seeing is an ant or a termite?

You are not alone if you get the two confused.  The main difference between the two are the shape of their bodies and the antennae and wings.  

A carpenter ant will be dark-colored in their body and have a narrow waist.  The antenna is bent, and their back wings are shorter than their front wings.  

A termite will have a thick body, with hardly any definition in the waist.  Termites antennas are straight, and both front and back wings are the same size.  


Is the behavior of a carpenter ant and termite different?  Ant exterminator near me Carefree AZ

Simply, yes.  But they both are destructive to structures.  Termites will eat the wood when they are building their tunnels while carpenter ants will just nest in the wood.  Another difference with carpenter ants is the wood dust, soil, and insect parts that are found beneath the openings to the nest, are different.  Carpenter ants are also more likely to be spotted outdoors and in the open.  


How do I control carpenter ants?

Treating carpenter ants requires using insecticidal dust, spray, or bait.  Insecticidal dust is great to use when carpenter ants are nesting indoors.  It can be injected into the area where they have decided to nest.  Spray really only works well if you have a flying ant occasionally come into the home.  It also can be used around the perimeter of the home to keep the ants from coming inside.  If you decide to use a bait, this type of insecticide will take the longest to work, but is probably the easiest and safest treatment.  The foraging ants will pick up the bait and take it back to the colony and the queen.  This will eventually limit the entire colony.  Ant exterminator near me Carefree AZ


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