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The Truth about Brown Recluse Spiders



When spiders are talked about and which ones are threats to humans, most people go straight to the black widow spider.  It’s famous for its red hourglass marking and painful bite.  But there is a different spider species, the brown recluse, that can pose a serious health threat.  Many Americans don’t think of it as being dangerous, the name alone makes it seem like it hides and remains out of sight.  However, homeowners seem to encounter the brown recluse during the fall months.  These spiders are looking for shelter from the colder weather. 


How to Identify a Brown Recluse Spider


They are tan to dark brown in color and are around ¼ to ½ inches long.  They have eight legs and a round body.  Most species of the brown recluse have a darker, violin-shaped marking on their dorsum.  These spiders are found in the Central Midwest, and in the south and southwest. 


The Brown Recluse feeds on small live prey like insects.  When outdoors, these spiders can be found around rocks, woodpiles, and utility boxes.  When inside, they can be found in any area that goes undisturbed like boxes, papers, seldom used clothing and shoes, under furniture or around the baseboards and window moldings. 


Understanding the Threat of the Brown Recluse Spider   Ant pest control Carefree AZ


They are not aggressive by nature and will run for cover when disturbed.  These spiders, however, are known to bite if they feel trapped.  Most people are bit when they unknowingly disturb a brown recluse.  For example, moving a storage box in a basement or putting on a piece of clothing that has a spider hiding in it. 


Both male and female spiders can bite and inject venom.  The bit is not usually felt, but results in stinging sensation.  It is then followed by intense pain that develops six to eight hours later.  A blister will then usually develop at the bite location, and the area surrounding it can become swollen.  Dead tissue around the bite may start to pull away and this can lead to a deep, open ulcer that can take sometimes three weeks to heal.  Fever and difficulty sleeping are common symptoms.  Ant pest control Carefree AZ


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