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The Forgotten Rooms


Most people aren’t crazy about encountering unwanted pests, especially if that encounter is in their home.  Homeowners should take preventative measures as part of their routine.  But there are several rooms in the house that can be overlooked pretty easily while you are pest proofing, the attic and basement. 


Rodents like mice and rats usually are the most common invaders of attics and basements, but there are other insects that can make themselves at home if given the chance!  Cockroaches, spiders, ants and stink bugs love a good attic or basement.  They seek shelter, food and water when the weather starts to change.  Pests find entry points through almost any opening; cracks and crevices as small as a dime in the structure of the home are fair game.  Once a mouse or rat finds its way into the attic or basement, it can cause serious and costly property damage.  A rodent can destroy insulation in attics and also chew through walls, baseboards and electrical wires.  This alone causes up to 25% of house fires in the United States every year.  Ant pest control fountain hills az

There are ways to pest-proof that can discourage unwanted guests from taking shelter in these forgotten rooms.  Pay special attention to your home’s insulation by replacing loose mortar and weather stripping around the basements foundation.  If you store items in the attic or basement, put them in plastic, sealed containers on shelves.  Keep the attic or basement well ventilated and dry.  You can run a dehumidifier and install gutters or diverts to help.  Ant pest control fountain hills az


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