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All About the House Mouse

The house mouse can reproduce very quickly.  One female alone can produce at least eight litters a year, with each littler having at least six pups.  The mouse is pregnant 21 days leaving the mouse pups born naked, blind, and completely dependent upon their mom for everything.  Within 21 days, the young are weaned from their mothers and will begin to take short trips away from the nest to explore.  Most mice will reach their sexual maturity around 35 days old and will begin mating when they are six weeks old. 


So as you can see with just that knowledge……..if a mouse takes residence in your home……and infestation can happen in just a couple of months! 


How to know if you have a House Mouse Infestation

Seeing the Mouse

Most mice are more active in the evening, but that doesn’t mean you wont see one roaming through the house during the day.  Usually if spotted, the house mouse is scurrying along the walls or running from what used to be normally undisturbed hiding place.

Seeing the Droppings

Where there are mice… will always see droppings as well.  Their droppings will be found wherever the animal has visited, traveled, or taken up residence.  The pellets are 3 to 6 mm long, and may have pointed ends. Arizona Cave Creek Pest Control

Often times people confuse the house mouse dropping with that of an American Cockroach.  The size and appearance are very similar, however, the mouse droppings will usually have hair in them from when the mouse as groomed itself.  Roach droppings are not pointed and usually will have ridges running down the sides. 

Seeing the Footprints

Mice love to explore their territory.  Doing this, means they will leave behind footprints or tracks.  They have a very distinctive pattern.  Four-toed front foot with a five-toad back footprint.  If these are present, this means a mouse has passed by!  Arizona Cave Creek Pest Control


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