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Such A Big Problem in Such a Small Package

Standing in your kitchen and you see a shadow move from out of the corner of your eye….no big deal.  But then, you start to see droppings along the baseboards, in the pantry……or maybe even on your kitchen countertops.  Let’s face it---you have mice.  You have to get over the “yuck” factor…..once you do, there are some simple, no-nonsense steps that you can take to help rid your home of the mice. 

Preventing & Keeping Them Away   Arizona Fountain Hills Best Pest Control Company 

Use their behavior against them.  Mice are very structured creatures…….habit forming.  They will take the same path to and from their nests every time.  But mice are very curious….so if there is something new along the way, you better believe they will check it out.  These two behaviors can help you control any mice problem.  Put traps and bait in several places where the droppings were found.  If you haven’t caught a mouse with 2 days, move the trap or bait to a new spot. 

Mice love a warm place to live---that’s why your house will work just fine for them.  Mice also need only a small amount of food and not much water.  Moisture found in fruit and bread is enough.  So store your grains and cereals in sealed containers.  Fruit, potatoes and other perishable items should be stored in your fridge.  Sweep and vacuum and keep the floors free of crumbs.  And as for the garbage inside, make to keep the lid on nice and tight.  Arizona Fountain Hills Best Pest Control Company 


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