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Little-known Facts Related to Ticks

Summer is here, and with summer comes more time outdoors!  But with summer, that also means you will have quality time with some of nature’s most pesky pests!  Ticks find their home in tall grass and wooded areas.  It is important to make sure that you are protecting not only yourself, but your family, too! 


Ticks are very small, and not very scary.  But they can cause some big problems by spreading dangerous diseases.  Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever are just a few diseases spread by ticks.  Before you head outdoors this summer, check out some of these facts about ticks!


  1.  Ticks Aren’t Insects

They are often mistaken for insects, but they are actually an arachnid, a relative to spider, scorpions and mites.  If you look at one closely, it will resemble a spider with four pairs of legs and also lacks an antennae.


  1. Ticks Are Vampires

These pesky pests require a blood meal to survive.  Blacklegged ticks primarily feed on the blood of white-tailed deer, but will also bite mice, small wild animals, birds, and humans.    


  1.  Ticks Are Brave

They don’t jump or fly, but instead they will crawl up a low brush/grass and find a host.  They will clasp on with their back legs and then reach out their front legs to grab onto a passing animal or human.  They even have been known to drop from their perch and free fall onto a passing host. Arizona Pest Control Phoenix


  1.  Ticks Love Dogs, too

Ticks like the American Dog Tick and the Brown Dog Tick prefer dogs to be their host.  Dogs are often easy targets because they play in the yard, and love to hike in wooded areas.  If you are a pet owner, check your pup frequently for ticks!  Keep the beds and toys clean.  If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, make sure to check them often, too!  Arizona Pest Control Phoenix


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