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Herb Garden Pests

I recently had my father make me the most beautiful tiered herb garden.  I filled it with my favorite herbs like basil, thyme, rosemary, chives, oregano….and even decided to plant some hot peppers!  They looked gorgeous for about the first week----then suddenly I walked out, and my basil had holes all in the leaves!  How frustrating!  So off to google I went to try and discover not only what pests like these herbs, but also how to protect my beautiful herbs!


There are a few golden rules to consider!  If you follow these rules, growing problems are pretty smooth sailing!

Almost all herbs love the sun and need at least 6 hours of sun a day!  They like well drained soil, and some organic compost.  Regular pruning is a must.  Simply remove any weak or infested growth.  Lastly, protect the herbs from pests and diseases! Arizona Phx Pest Control Near Me

There are some very common pests you will encounter on your herbs.  The fragrant oils of herbs are in itself, a pest repellent for a number of insects.  Despite this, pests like slugs love an herb garden and can cause major havoc to plants.  Most of these pests are just that….pests.  Usually they can’t cause severe damage—they are more of a nuisance. 

Aphids:  They love the tenderness of new herbs.  In large numbers they can cause the foliage to curl.  The resulting honeydew secretion can promote sooty mold, and attract ants.  Aphids are mostly found in crowded and rapid growing herbs.  Use horticultural soaps and neem oil to exterminate these pests.  Arizona Phx Pest Control Near Me


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