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Bark Beetles are a major cause of tree death Mesa, AZ

Another family of beetles is the family Scolytidae, or the Bark Beetles. Various names are applied to different species or genera of the bark beetles, such as engraver beetles, turpentine beetles, Ips beetles, pine beetles, and others. Most of the different kinds are of no concern to structural wood, as all of their feeding is done in the living tree, and even if this tree is cut down and milled for lumber the life cycle of the beetles is so short that they will not be present in the lumber when it is used for construction. The evidence of their feeding will, however, often be quite noticeable at the surface of the wood, where the saw cut through the channels made by those feeding larvae. This can be identified as old and unimportant damage by the pattern of those channels, which are typical of the feeding activity of that larva under the bark of the tree.

The bark beetles are major causes of tree death, as the larvae feed within the cambium layer of the tree just beneath the bark, and eventually girdle the tree to prevent any more flow of nutrients up or down the tree. If that dead tree is immediately cut down and turned into firewood the beetles may still be inside the wood, perhaps waiting for the following spring to emerge. Many of these little beetles superficially resemble some of the small False Powderpost Beetles. One is a small bark beetles called “shot hole borers” and can be found infesting fire wood. Often firewood will have its bark absolutely riddled with tiny holes where the adult beetles emerged. 

Many of the common bark beetles have the same small size and compact, rounded shape of the Bostrichidae, which are called false powderpost beetles and some of which can be serious structural pests. A very easy feature that tells these two families apart is the antenna. The antenna of the Scolytidae (bark beetles) is very short and the last few segments form an enlarged, compact “club”. The antenna of the Bostrichids is much longer, and the last three segments are enlarged, but do not form this club-like end. The bark beetles, in general, just are not problems in structural wood members.

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Bark Beetles are a major cause of tree death Mesa, AZ

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