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Bed Bug Bite Mesa AZ


Bed Bugs get their name from usually always being in close proximity to beds.  Bed bugs need a warm-blooded animal or mammal to survive.  It only takes about 35 days for a bed bug to mature, and they usually live about 7 to 12 months.  Removing bed bugs can be difficult without the help of professional.  


Bed bugs usually feed on humans while they sleep in their bed at night.  Being bit is painless, and they attach for a meal for about 10 minutes.  The bites are small red spots and they do itch.  


Bed bugs find their host by searching for body heat, carbon dioxide from exhaled breath and other biological factors.  This insect will feed and then retreat back to its place of harborage for days or even weeks before it needs to come back out again for another meal.  This is what makes detection difficult—usually an infestation has been well established before the bed bugs are found.  


Bed begs are notorious for being on the move.  They are skilled hitchhikers.  They are transported usually by humans……to other humans.  Usually through their belongings.  Bed Bug Bite Mesa AZ


Bed bugs are great at hiding, but they are not so good at hiding evidence.  They leave clues behind:  shed skin, exoskeletons or shells, fecal stains on mattress and bedding, and blood stains on sheets or pajamas.


A bit by a bed bug looks very similar to that of a mosquito or fleas.  Often times it is hard to tell what kind of insect bit you.  Look for these signs:  raised, red welt; burning and itching; rash across a localized area; and a straight line of multiple bites.  Bed Bug Bite Mesa AZ


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