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Bed Bug Exterminator Mesa AZ

Bed Bugs Biting

Bed bugs used to be a thing of the past……and were almost a non-issue all together.  Ever heard the saying “good night!  Sleep tight!  Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”.  Sad thing is……now, it’s a reality for some. 

If you are like me, your first reaction will be panic, or embaressment.  There is a stigma attached to bed bugs, you are infected or live in a dirty home.  While that is the case for some, bed bugs can show up anywhere.  You can find them in the poorest of poor homes, or the 5 star hotels.  Best thing to do is to act fast and rid yourself and your home of these nasty pests! 

So in order to defeat these bugs, the best way to do that, is get to know them and understand them better.  You may have heard of them, but have no idea what they actually are.  If you see a red, flat insect (about the size and shape of a fingernail), you may have a serious problem on your hands.  They are so hard to see and find, because they are nocturnal.  Bed Bug Exterminator Mesa AZ

Chances are you wont notice them during the day, and often wont even know they are around until the infestation is so detrimental.  Because they are nocturnal, they feed at night…..on you… sucking your blood while you sleep.  Skin crawling yet?  There bite isn’t any more dangerous than a mosquito. 

If you have awoken to find small welts on your arms and legs, then it is a sign you have some guests in your bed.  If there are streaks that look like rust in color, those would be their droppings.  Blood stains?  Your blood……or there is the possibility you may see husks from them shedding their skin. 


Any of the above, and do not hesitate to call in the professionals.  This is a problem you DO NOT want to try and handle on your own.  Bed Bug Exterminator Mesa AZ

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