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Bed Bug Pest Control Cave Creek AZ

Get Rid of those pesky Bed Bugs Fast!


Bed bugs, like any other pest, can cause a person to experience an allergic reaction.  There are people out there who are allergic to the bite of the bug, specifically the saliva that is injected during the bite.  The reaction can be anywhere from red welts on the skin, itchy area, or even worse……hives, asthma or even anaphylaxis. 

Bed bugs reproduce fast.  The female bug can start to lay eggs the day after she mates with a male.  She will continue to produce eggs after that as long as she is feeding.  In a female bedbugs lifetime, she can produce more than 110 eggs.  It only takes about a week for the eggs to hatch……what a lot of bed bugs in your home, especially if just one female bed bug find her way in through your luggage or backpack. 

Speaking of backpacks…….bedbugs are known to hitchhike.  They can climb into any bag; your suitcase at an infested hotel room, or a friend’s home that may be infested.  These bugs have been found in schools (because they were brought from someone’s belongings), and from there they can climb into your child’s backpack and make their way to your home.  They you can carry them to someone else’s home or hotel room…….this is how the bed bugs seem to be taking over everywhere!  Bed Bug Pest Control Cave Creek AZ

These pests are so tiny, only about ¼ inch in length when they are full grown.  They are flat, and shaped like a teardrop.  Because you are dealing with such a tiny bug, it is much more easier to see the effects of the bug, than the bug itself.  So if you have blood spots on the bedsheets or possibly the shed of their skin…….you have bedbugs close by.  Bedbugs do tend to stick together, so when an infestation becomes large, it is much easier to spot them. 


You do have to know where to look though, because these pets love to hide.  They hang out in tight, dark areas…..crawl into cracks and crevices, seams of mattresses, couch cushions, headboards, or around picture frames near the bed.  Hiding like this, gives them easy access to their next meal…  If you happen to see a bed bug, chances are there are plenty more where that one came from.  Bed Bug Pest Control Cave Creek AZ


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