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Bee Removal Cave Creek AZ


Carpenter Bees




A carpenter bee looks like a regular bumblebee, but usually it lacks any yellow stripes.  This is a stinging bee and get’s its name from its habit of boring into wood just like a carpenter. 


While they resemble the bumble bee, they are unlike them in the fact that the carpenter bee is a solitary insect.  The adult carpenter bees will hibernate over winter, abandon their nest tunnels and then emerge in the spring to feed on nectar.


Because they are a solitary insect they do not live in nests or colonies.  Instead, the female carpenter bee will bore circular holes through soft wood to lay her eggs and also protect their larvae as it begins to develop. 


A carpenter bee can be a very serious threat to property.  They can cause structural damage over time if left untreated.  Male carpenter bees can be territorial and hover in front of someone’s face aggressively.  They do not have a stinger and this action is merely for show.  The female carpenter bee does have a potent stinger, but it is rarely used. Bee Removal Cave Creek AZ


Preventing Carpenter Bees

If you are looking to get rid of carpenter bees, here are a few tips.  This bee prefers bare wood, so if you paint or stain the wood, it can help deter them.  This doesn’t always work and sometimes they still choose to attack stained or painted wood.  Contact your pest control professional for a proper carpenter bee control method.  If you are a homeowner, you should routinely inspect wood on the property for signs of carpenter bee infestations.  Look for round and smooth holes. Bee Removal Cave Creek AZ


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