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Rattlesnake Season in Arizona

Did you even know there was such a thing as a “season” for snakes?  Well, if you didn’t, you must know it is in full swing in Arizona!  Before you hit the trails, or better yet, your backyard, make sure you know what to do during Rattlesnake season and if you or your pet is bit by one! 


Rattlesnake season begins in April, just when things start to heat up……..and it doesn’t end until October.  But just because the season ends, does not mean you won’t see a Rattlesnake during the winter months. These snakes will want to find a cool refuge during those times of extreme heat in the summer months, so chances are, you or your pet might just encounter them on their journey.  They love to keep cool just like we do, so they slither their way onto our porches and garages.  Night time is probably the riskiest time for you or your pet because of low visibility and the fact that rattlesnakes can camouflage. 

So what do you do if your dog or pet has been bit?  Did you know that there is a rattle snake vaccination?  You must be sure to get them this vaccination.  This vaccination helps reduce the amount of anti-venom your pet needs by the time you have reached your emergency veterinarian.  These vaccination helps reduce the reaction to the rattlesnake venom, basically, giving you more time for action. Best Pest Control Company In My Area Mesa AZ


But the best thing to do is avoid the snakes altogether.  But, that’s just not possible.  Your dog, and possible you, will be outdoors.  And dogs are built with amazing senses and will use them!  Most dogs are very curious, but curiosity mixed with a rattle……….that just downright dangerous!  Your dog may stick his nose in a bush or plant, hike his leg on a tree, or even be completely minding his own business in the backyard…….and he could happen upon a rattler.

IF you are afraid your pet may have been bitten, here are some signs of a rattle snake bite:

                *the area will swell

                * the pet will be panting and drooling

                *The area will be painful

                *Puncture wounds will be visible

                *Pet will have tremors and possibly seizures

                *Pet will become weak and possibly collapse Best Pest Control Company In My Area Mesa AZ


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