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Unexpected House Guests: Where Might You Encounter a Snake at Home?



If you know where a snake might be hiding around the house, it can make seeing one a lot less surprising and also teach you which spots to be aware of.  If your home is close to bodies of water, wooded areas, fields, or swamplands, the chances of you seeing a serpent increase.  However, they can be found is nearly every kind of environment.  Find out what serpents are in your area, and make sure you tell your kids. 

Snakes love to take cover whenever they can, so areas with lots of rocks and logs are common hiding areas.  However, it doesn’t always have to be natural coverings.  Snakes will seek shelter under man-made materials like fallen siding, under gutters, and beneath a building’s foundation.  Snakes can even pop up under piles of cut grass, leaves or firewood.  Approach these areas with caution, make your presence known to avoid spooking a snake into aggressive defense.  Stomp, shuffle your feet, and make noise by talking or clapping. Best Pest Control Company Near Me Phoenix AZ

If snakes can’t find a meadow or field, they will settle for whatever is convenient cover.  Having an overgrown backyard can be a great home for snake, rodents and other small animals that serpents love to prey on.  Chicken coops or other outdoor animal pens are also inviting, especially if there is a grassy area nearby.

Some snakes are blind and/or nocturnal, so their preference is areas with low light.  Basements, cellars, or even storm shelters can make for a great cover, especially if rodents are nearby!  Large snakes are capable of lifting a closed (unlocked) door, and the smaller snakes can often fit into a very tight space or opening to gain entry.  Best Pest Control Company Near Me Phoenix AZ


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