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Arizona Bugs

Because Arizona is home to the desert, people have a tendency to think that everything in this great state will kill you, insects and arachnids included.  The truth is, most are harmless and wont even attempt to injure you unless they are provoked.  Here are just a few of these tiny critters you could find wandering around your house or out on a trail hunting for their next meal. 


  1. 1.   Apache Cicada

If you look at its appearance, you might just be a little scared—but these insects are less scary than they look.  You typically will hear them in the trees, during the summer.  A mid-toned bussing sound, and it starts right around the start of monsoon season.  The sound comes from the males, hoping to attract potential mates. 

  1. 2.   Arizona Bark Scorpion  Best Pest Control Company in AZ Carefree

If there is a scorpion to be concerned about, it’s this particular creepy-looking arachnid.  This scorpion is more scrawny then its less poisonous relatives, and they have a real knack for climbing up spaces.  If you are stung by one, expect a lot of pain and possibly a trip to the hospital.  Those who are at higher risk from their stings are children, elderly, and anyone that has poor health.  On a more positive note, no one has died from a scorpion sting in at least 20 years.  These guys glow under black lights, so keep a black light handy if you are searching for them.  If their tail is held up high, they are ready to sting. 

  1.  Arizona Sister

A beautiful native butterfly, and its found fluttering all around the state.  They don’t drink from flowers to often though, they consume tree sap, mud, and the liquids of rotting fruit or other rotting things found in the desert.  Best Pest Control Company in AZ Carefree


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