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Dangerous Creatures Found in Arizona


The Desert is home to some glorious creatures.  It is also home to creatures that can leave quite a trail of annoyance and destruction.  Here are just a few:


These furry spiders are not usually aggressive towards humans, especially if they are used to being handled.  But, a Tarantula can use its fangs to bite or use its barbed a mildly venomous abdominal hairs.  In most cases, they cause no long term damage.


When a centipede bites, it is very painful.  The bite, however, does not usually require medical attention.

Brown Spider

In Arizona, there are around five species of the brown spider.  The venom causes aches and swelling, but also can result in a necrotic ulcer.     

Black Widow Spider

The most venomous spider found in North America is the female Black Widow Spider.  The venom is 15 times more toxic than the venom of the prairie rattlesnake. 

Sonoran Desert Toad

These guys are poisonous, not venomous.  Poison is ingested, venom is injected.  The toads have glands that produce poison that can kill an adult dog. 

Blister Beetle  Best Pest Control Company in AZ Cave Creek

When the Blister Beetle becomes trapped, it will excrete an irritant from its joints.  When the skin comes in contact with this irritant, it can cause blistering much like poison ivy. 

Conenose Bug

This bug, when it bites, usually does so when you are sleeping.  You wont know for several hours that you were even bitten.  The bite causes swelling, but if exposed to the bite repeatedly, allergies may come that require hospitalization.  Best Pest Control Company in AZ Cave Creek


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