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Dangerous Creatures that call Arizona Home


The Arizona desert is home to many creepy crawly creatures.  Within this desert there are harmless ones…….but also some that aren’t.  There are the obvious ones: spiders, scorpions, and rattlesnakes.  But here are a few more for you to watch out for!


Gila Monster

The only venomous lizard that is native to the US. The Gila Monster is nocturnal, and only will attack humans in self-defense.  In Arizona, the Gila Monster is a protected species. 


In Arizona, there are 13 species of rattlesnakes.  This is more than any other state.  If you hear the warning rattle---it is just that.  A warning.  The snake is telling you not to come any closer.  Stay calm and give it a wide berth.  Move away in a slow and non-threatening movement. 

Africanized Bee

These are highly aggressive and the population has risen by at least 1000% in Arizona.  It is known as the “killer bee” and it is a hybrid bee.  It will defend its hive relentlessly when it is disturbed.  They will viciously attack anything or anyone that is in their path. Best Pest Control Company in Mesa AZ

Bark Scorpion

The most common scorpion in Arizona and can cause severe medical problems.  All other scorpions do not pose as much of a threat to humans as the bark scorpion. 

Arizona Coral Snake

This snake has a blunt black snout and bands of red, yellow/white, and black that encircle the body.  The yellow and red bands touch.  This snake’s venom is two or three times more potent than a rattlesnake.  The fangs are much smaller, so they don’t inject as much venom when striking.   Best Pest Control Company in Mesa AZ


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