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When Snakes Come In The Home…..



If a snake makes it way into your house, the very first step is to remain calm.  Keep kids and pets as far away as possible.  If there is an exterior door nearby and you can safely get to it, prop it open.  Take a few photos of the snake, and don’t get to close!  Use the zoom!  No camera handy?  Then take notes of the snake, this will make it easy to identify.  Even if you can remove a harmless snake yourself, it’s still helpful to keep track of exactly what type of snake you have seen in your area. 

After observing the snake and you have confirmed it to be a harmless garden snake, use a broom or mat to brush and direct the snake to an exterior door.  Approach it slowly and quietly, try not to startle it or sneak up on it.  If you are bold, and not afraid, put on some gloves and carry the snake outside yourself.  You can even place it in a pillowcase, then take it outdoors.  Just make sure it is absolutely a non-venomous snake.  Also, it may behave erratically because of fear.  If the snake it coiled and refusing to budge, place a bucket or small trash can over the snake.  Then slide a thin, but sturdy mat underneath.  Slowly lift the trap and release the snake outside.  If you don’t want to do that, then place a weight on the bucket and wait for help to arrive! Best Pest Control Company near Me Carefree AZ

If you can not remove the snake, do whatever you can to make it simple for animal control to get the serpent.  Close off the room it is in, or barricade it into a corner if you can do that safely.  Put a towel under the door, and make sure you pack it tightly so the snake can’t push through it.  If the snake is lashing out and moving quickly, leave it alone to avoid any injury.  Wait for animal control at a neighbors house, and be available to answer any questions they may have. 

If snakes become a constant problem on your property, they are humane traps that you can set to safely capture and contain a snake.  Glueboards are the most effective method and are low cost.  You can make these from a piece of wood and rodent glue traps.  Place these in sheds, basements, crawl spaces any anywhere else you have seen a snake or think they might be hiding.  Check them regularly to make sure you can release them immediately once you have caught them.  You can use olive oil to free them from the glue, once you are outside.  Best Pest Control Company near Me Carefree AZ


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