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Snake Control: Safe and Humane Serpent Prevention and Removal


If you don’t like snakes and would like to reduce the likelihood of seeing snakes around the home, it’s best to take proper prevention steps.  Basically, it all boils down to eliminating a snake’s source of food and shelter.  Removing these things makes your home less appealing to them.  Some areas of the country will always see a greater snake presence.  But, making some small modifications can go a long way in keeping them away from your property and home.

The way to eliminate a snake’s food source is to also eliminate what their prey’s food source is, too. Any animal feed, inside or out, needs to be kept in airtight containers.  Do not leave open bowls of food for pets, instead, feed them during a certain time throughout the day.  If you keep produce or crops that you harvest, keep them in storage containers and check the containers often for holes or cracks.  Storage sheds also need to be assessed for damage and pest entry points.  If you keep chickens, make sure the coop is secured against predators of any size, including slithering snakes.  Make sure the coops is rodent proof as well.  Clean up stray pieces of corn or feed.  Keep the coop tidy and less attractive to hungry rats and mice.

Now, when it comes to keeping your property a non-snake habitat, it boils down to basic maintenance.  Keep the lawn trimmed and use a weed eater to cut back grassy areas around the corners, decks, stairs and storm cellars.  Keep piles of wood, roof tiles, sheet metal and other large materials housed in the garage or shed.  If projects are happening, always approach piles of material with caution.  Best Pest Control Company near Me Cave Creek AZ

If you want a pond in your yard, install it a good distance away from the house.  Also, keep it away from any area where your children might play.  Several species of snakes prefer frogs as their meal source, so having a place that has food and water, along with rocks and shade is an ideal home for them. 

Just because you don’t see snakes, doesn’t mean they aren’t around.  Always keep an eye out!  Best Pest Control Company near Me Cave Creek AZ

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