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Bird Pest Control Mesa AZ

To Help or Not To Help……That is the Question!

Sometime in your life, will find yourself stumble upon a baby bird out of its nest.  Depending on it the bird is nestling or fledgling…….will depend on if you should help it or not! 


One way to determine if the bird is in danger is to look for its parents.  Are they nearby?  Is there a nest in a nearby tree?  If the adult birds are perched close by the bird and observing it---and it happens to be a fledgling bird, it may be bet to leave the baby bird alone. 


If there is a nest close by and it’s a nestling bird, you can pick up the bird very carefully and put it back in the nest.  Ever heard someone say if you pick it up and the smell of humans on it will cause the parents to reject the baby bird?  This is false……and a myth.  Birds do not have a strong sense of smell.  A baby bird needs to be fed and nurtured by its parents. 


If you are unsure whether the parents are nearby, you may need to observe the fledgling bird for an hour.  Within that hour you should be able to spot its parents or see it interacting with its parents.  They will visit the bird and also possible bring it a worm…..Bird Pest Control Mesa AZ

A next step would be to check and see if the bird is injured……maybe a broken limb, or bleeding----missing feathers?  The bird could also be shivering or making low noises…..there are even times when the parent could be dead close by, and possible the presence of a cat or dog responsible for injuring the bird.  If you see any signs of injury, parents are dead, or have not returned after two hours, you may need to make a temporary nest for the baby bird and bring it to the nearest wildlife rehabilitation center. 


If the fledgling is not injured and it is close to its nest, leave it alone.  It will continue it’s development on the ground---but keep any household pets away!  Do not feed the bird or give it water.  Birds have a specific and unique diet, and water is a drowning hazard.  Bird Pest Control Mesa AZ


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