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Bird Problem Cave Creek AZ

Baby Bird Needs Help

This past summer, I found myself having to rescue 2 different baby birds that were in our backyard.  The first one was SO little……I believe the wind must have blew him out of the nest.  The second one, however, I feel like was learning to fly! 


The problem is, I have this beautiful Labradoodle!  She started understanding the mother bird’s cry……so when any bird started making noises in the yard, she was on the hunt!  Thankfully, she is the sweetest dog…..even to birds! 


So what is the right thing to do when you see a baby bird?  Our first instinct is to help it…..and sometimes, whether right or wrong, if you have animals, you have to.  But if you aren’t in that position, you may do more harm than good when you attempt to rescue a baby bird. 


Before doing anything, you must find out if the bird is a nestling or fledgling---if the bird is injured, seek a professional to help! 


Step 1:  Confirm the Bird’s Age/Level of Injury


The best way to help the baby bird is to determine how young it is, and how far along it is in its development.  A nestling bird will have very few feathers and will be covered in a fluffy down.  Their eyes most likely will be closed or barely open.  These birds need to remain in their nests---they still very much depend on their parents for food and nurturing.  Bird Problem Cave Creek AZ

A fledgling bird is older than a nestling.  This bird will have lots of feathers all over their body.  A fledgling bird is encouraged out of the nest (and sometimes pushed out) by their parents.  They spend 2-5 days on the ground once they are out of the nest.  They start to flap their wings and can be seen hopping about. 


Don’t worry---they are not alone.  Their parents keep a close watch on them from afar and will also continue to feed and nurture it until it learns how to fly, eat, and protect itself from any predator.  Bird Problem Cave Creek AZ


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