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Bird Problem in Mesa AZ

Common Bird Pests in Arizona

The Native Arizona birds like the Cactus Wren, Finches, and Cardinals are beautiful and amazing!  We enjoy seeing them when we are out and about at the park or watching them in the yard. 

Non-native birds, like pigeons, sparrows or starlings, were introduced in the US a long time ago.  Since then, they have become a major problem in Arizona.  If you have encountered their nesting or roosting at your home or business, you know what we’re talking about. 

Here’s the problem with Pest Birds.  They clog roof drains with their feces and nests.  Did you know Pigeons poop anywhere from 47-51 times a day?  The droppings will eat the finish away on your car, reduce the life of your roof by 20% or more, and bird feces has even been found to contain over 60 difference diseases and 40 different parasites that can do harm or be passed to you, your loved ones, pets, clients or employees. 


Let’s start with #1 on the List:  The Pigeon

The Feral Pigeon is the number one Urban Pest Bird.  It causes damages wherever it nests or roosts.  The pigeon is a descendant of Domesticated Eurpoean Homing Pigeons, or Rock Doves.  Their diet varies and they also feel at ease to make their nests in man-made structures.  They are usually blue-grey and have iridescent feathers on the head and neck.  They often have markings in black, white, or brown on the wings and neck.  Bird Problem in Mesa AZ

They have a short neck and a small head.  Their legs are also short with hind toes that allow for easy perching on pipes and ledges or walking on flat surfaces.  They generally love to nest in small, flat areas away from the ground.  Common places like building ledges, air conditioning units or window sills are most popular. 

Best Control Method

The best solution for a pigeon problem, is complete exclusion with a two inch mesh net.  If there is a ledge issue, often the problem can be solved by using a product like Bird Coil, Bird Wire, Bird Spikes, or a Bird-Shock Electrical Track.  If there is a heavy bird problem in an area, exclusion work must be done along with flock dispersal methods, like trapping.  Flock dispersal alone is not a long term solution.  Bird Problem in Mesa AZ


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