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Interesting Facts About Spiders



All Spiders Produce Silk


There are around 40,000 species of spiders and one things they all have in common is the ability to spin silk.  As they evolve, so have their abilities when it comes to working with silk.  Once spider can produce up to 7 different types, each having a different purpose, like spinning webs or capturing prey.


One Species is Mostly Vegetarian


We automatically think all spiders are carnivorous, capturing and eating other inspects.  But one species in Central America has been found to be mostly herbivorous!  The Bagheera Kiplingi lives in trees that produce protein-reach buds on the leaves. This spider benefits from consuming the buds.  During dry seasons these spiders may be carnivorous.  They will cannibalize each other or steal ant larvae when food is scarce.


Spiders are nearsighted


Almost all spiders have eight eyes, but some, like the brown recluse, only have 6.  They have a main set that can create images, but the secondary sets can only detect light and shadow. Even with all those eyes, spiders can’t see far into the distance.  Nearsightedness is a problem for humans, but with the habits of spiders, being nearsightedness isn’t a deficiency.  They wait for prey to get caught in their webs and even will use silk trip wires to help warn them of approaching predators. Carefree AZ Pest Control


Females can lay up to 3,000 eggs at ONE time


The eggs are housed in one or more silk sacs.  Every spider is different when it comes to level of care for her young.  Some females die shortly after laying eggs while others will carry spiderlings on their backs and even share their prey with them. Carefree AZ Pest Control


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