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More Steps to Take

If you missed our previous article, “Steps to Take After Pest Control”, make sure to check it out.  Here are a few more steps to consider:

Step 3:  Laundry

Sometimes during a pesticide treatment (especially if there was an infestation), clothing and fabric items were heavily exposed.  If that is the case, it a good idea to wash them.  Usually furniture like couches, and mattresses, are covered with sheets or tarps---so they shouldn’t be a concern.  If you suspect any contamination, make sure to contact a mattress/furniture store to help with cleaning. 

Step 4: Clean Exposed Surfaces  Carefree AZ Pest Control Near Me

After you have been given the “all clear”, you will need to clean ALL exposed hard surfaces.  Do not place food, cutlery, linens or any other item on these surfaces unless it has been thoroughly cleaned. 

Step 5:  Ventilate

Hopefully the weather will cooperate, and if so, open some windows and doors to let the air in.  It will help remove the pesticide odor.  Chemicals treat surfaces—so no need to worry that cleaning the air will make them less effective. 

Lastly, be patient.  It can take a week, or even ten days for insecticide treatment to kill off the targeted pests.  But, this doesn’t mean slack off.  If you still notice the insects or bugs after two weeks, or if they simply just reappear, you may need to consider a follow up treatment plan.  This is very common.  Reach out to your pest control company and they will be happy to discuss any details you need clarified, and what the protocol is.  Carefree AZ Pest Control Near Me


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