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Spiders Life Cycle, Continued

There are three stages of maturity in a spider:  egg, spiderling, and adult.  For more information about how spiders handle the egg sac, find out previous article entitled “Spiders Life Cycle”.  For info on the spiderling and adult stage, read on! 

Spiderling – Immature Stage

Spiders that are not adults are called Spiderlings.  They look just like their parents but are much smaller when they first hatch from the egg sac.  They will immediately disperse; some by walking and others, by ballooning. 

Spiderlings that use ballooning as their way to disperse, will climb onto a twig or other projecting object and raise their abdomens.  This allows them to release threads of silk from their spinnerets, and lets the silk catch wind and carry them away.  Most spiderlings will travel  a short distance this way, but some can be carried to remarkable heights and even across long distances! 

Spiderlings will molt repeatedly as they grow larger.  They are extremely vulnerable until the new exoskeleton forms completely.  For most spiders, they reach adulthood after five to ten molts. Carefree AZ Safe Pest Control

For male spiders, in some species, they will be fully mature when exiting the sac.  Female spiders are always larger than males. 


Adult – Sexually Mature Stage

Once adulthood is reached with spiders, they are ready to mate and begin the life cycle all over again.  In most cases, female spiders live longer than males and the males usually die after mating.  Spiders live on average 1 to 2 years, but this will vary by species.  Carefree AZ Safe Pest Control


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