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Garden Pests

Who doesn’t love the idea of a beautiful garden!  Full of delicious organic fruits and vegetables……it really doesn’t get any better than that! You know where your food is coming from, and what has come in contact with it.  But sometimes the contact….the unwanted pests, are a nightmare!  Here are some of the worst pests for gardens, and some tips on how to get rid of them! 



These are tiny, shaped like a pear, critters that have long antennae and two tubes that face rearward from their abdomen.  They LOVE fruits and vegetables, flowers, ornamentals, and even shade trees.  They suck the plants sap—which causes foliage, which then distorts the leaves and makes them drop.  To keep these bugs under control, wash the plants with a very strong spray of water---and don’t get rid of it’s predators like the aphid midges, lacewings and lady beetles!  If you can, cover the plants or apply hot-pepper or garlic repellent sprays.  If the problem is severe, try horticultural oil, insecticidal soap or neem. 


Cabbage Maggot  Cave Creek AZ Pest Control

These you will find stuck to any cabbage-family crop, especially the Chinese cabbage.  These maggots create tunnels in the roots, which will kill the plants or they create entryways which allow disease organisms to enter.  The best control for these pests is to apply floating row covers, avoid first generation (delay planting) or apply parasitic nematodes around the roots.  Other options to consider are burning roots from harvested plants, red pepper dust around stems, or mound wood ash around stems. 



While kids love to mess with these creatures, we dislike them in the garden!  They are soft, and have segments with a distinct hard head capsule.  Caterpillars have six legs in the front of their body and false legs in the rear.  They love fruits and vegetables, ornamentals, and shade trees.  They eat the leaves, and tunnel their way into fruits.  Keep native predators or parasites around, hand pick the harvest, and apply floating row covers to keep them under control.  Cave Creek AZ Pest Control


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