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Gnat Problems

So there’s a small fly, flying around your kitchen.  No big deal right?  Maybe you even killed it super easy……..but then later that evening, there’s that same fly.  The thing is, it’s not that same fly……but another one, just like it. 

A small gnat seems like a “not so serious” problem as  a pest, then what most fail to realize is that gnats reproduce QUICKLY and can populate an infested area in swarms.  This is exactly how it becomes such a large problem for homeowners or apartment residents. 

Fungus Gnats  #bestpestcontrolcompany

These are found most often in House Plants, when we are talking about “in the home”.  They lay their eggs in damp soil, when overwatering is occurring.  The eggs hatch, and the immature gnats will feed on the decomposing organic material that is in the soil.  These particular gnats love the fungus that grows in the soil of a houseplant that is being overwatered.  Usually the roots of the plant will be affected when there is an infestation of gnats.  The gnats will feed on the roots and root hairs.  They are really most harmful to small house plants but can destroy large house plants if the plant happens to be already unhealthy. 

Fruit Flies will lay their eggs in fruit that is overripe or fermenting.  They will hover near fruit because they are attracted to the scent and moisture of decaying organic material.  The females will lay their eggs in the fermenting fruit, and then once they hatch, the larvae will eat the fruit. Cave Creek Pest Control AZ


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