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Your Questions Answered About Wasps

Winter is here…..and summertime is just around the corner.  With summer comes picnics…..and wasps!  When you see more than one or two, you may be dealing with a nest close by.  A wasp nest can contain anywhere from 5000 to 10,000 wasps at the peak of summer!  If you see more than a handful hanging out behind the gutters or in the shed, it’s time you dealt with them.

When summer begins to fade, a wasp colony will start to produce new males and queens.  These will fly away from the nest, mate, and then the queens will find a safe place to hibernate.    

When winter begins, the cold weather along with lack of food will begin to kill off the male wasps, but the queens are safe hibernating.  Nests will be inactive (majority of the time) and new nests will be built in the summer.  Often times hibernating queens will die because of predators, like spiders.  When winters are warmer, the queens may come out earlier but with limited food sources, they often will die off because of starvation. Cave Creek Pest control Arizona

When winter is ending, if any surviving queens are still around, they will come out of hibernation and start building a new nest.  After the structure is in place (sturdy and in a sheltered area) the queen will begin to lay eggs in the nest cells.  The eggs will hatch, the young will grow, and then they will continue to build the nest.  This process continues for the entire year. 

Wasps aren’t picky when it comes to where they nest……as long as it is suitable for them to breed, feed, and build their nests someplace where they aren’t disturbed.  They tend to choose places that are easily accessible like sheds, gutters, and attics. Cave Creek Pest control Arizona


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