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Pesky Lawn Problems


Having a beautiful lawn filled with plush green grass is every man’s fantasy!  My husband just invested in this zero-turn radius riding lawn mower and now thinks it’s a blast to mow the lawn.  Go figure!  But the crab grass, dandelions, or whatever those prickly weeds are with stickers are such a nuisance.  But your lawn may be under attack by more than just weeds, it could be infested with other vermin that will destroy your grass and garden. 

Houses can come under attack by roaches and termites, but so can lawns.  Not by the same insect, but others that dig up the soil, eat away the roots of plants, or simply irritate you outdoors. 

If you having dying grass and you make sure to water it and seed, you may have insects buried underneath the ground and are wreaking havoc your beautiful grass.  Sometimes you can handle the problem yourself, but before you do, at least consult with a professional who can supply you with the best plan. 

Because the pests that destroy lawns hide underground, it is hard to see what insect is behind all the damage.  So the first step to outdoor pest control is identification.  Hire an expert to help find what insect you are dealing with.  If it is soil insects (grubs, mole crickets, bill bugs) they live in the ground and infiltrate from below.  But the above ground bugs (chinch bugs, spittlebugs, and cutworms) live on top of the surface and slowly eat away your grass and plants.  They all have their own unique life cycle, burrowing techniques, paths, and eating habits.  Because of this, they each have to be dealt with differently by using specific chemicals.  A professional with know exactly which form of lawn pest control is best and where exactly it needs to be sprayed.  The good thing about hiring a professional is that they can also use products that wont harm people, pets, or children.  Cheap Exterminators Near Me San Tan Valley, AZ


Outdoor Pests don’t just tear up your yard, they are really a huge annoyance.  These are often flying bugs like wasps, mosquitoes, and flies.  There are also the kind that like to explore floors, too, like carpenter ants.  Some of these can cause harm; hornets, wasps, and bees….but often times there are just simply irritating and that makes it difficult to be outside and be happy!  There are easy ways to get them to stay away: fly strips and swatters, citronella candles, bug spray, and zappers are all very effective.  But if a swarm of wasps or bees is becoming large, an outdoor pest control specialist may need to be called.  Cheap Exterminators Near Me San Tan Valley, AZ


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