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Cockroaches In My House Phoenix AZ

Getting Those Roaches Under Control


Having coackroaches is usually always despised by everyone, but some homeowners aren’t crazy about the idea of using dangerous insecticides and poisons.  Small children, pets, and even some adults can be affected by the harsh chemical agents in the insecticides, so they will search for a more natural roach control.  Here is some helpful tips that have been proven to help get rid of unwanted guests!

Might be “outside the box”……but consider purchasing a gecko…..or two!  Give them free reign of your home while you have an infestation.  They are natural predators of cockroaches (any kind!) and will hunt them down and eventually eradicate the problem!  In the beginning, you wont even know they are there…..but when the cockroaches are scarce, then the gecko will start to come out in the open more frequently.  A lot of people swear by this method!  This method is not only investing in organic roach control, but remember you are also requiring a pet…..or two!  Once the problem is gone, you will need to put the gecko’s in an aquarium or other enclosure and make sure all their needs are being met.  This includes cleaning their tank, and feeding them daily. 

Cockroaches In My House Phoenix AZ

Not into Lizards?  It is hard to imagine a gecko having free range in your home….and some may not be to comfortable with this.  Good thing is, there are other natural cockroach control solutions to choose from. 

            *Mixture of Baking Soda and Sugar.  Cockroaches have a high amount of acid in their stomachs.  So if you set out a mixture of baking soda and sugar, they will ingest the sugar and the baking soda as well…….but the reaction between the soda and their stomach acid will result in death. 

            *Non-Toxic Bait.  Mix up a batch of baking soda, bacon grease, minced onions, sugar, and flour.  Form a dough ball out of it.  It is easy to place out and a little bit cleaner than just the soda and sugar mixture.  It will still have the same deadly result. 

            *Boric Acid.  Boric acid isn’t exactly non-toxic, but it also isn’t as bad as other forms of insecticides.  It can be purchased as a powder.  You would sprinkle it where you think the roaches are hanging out.  The borax will get on their exoskeletons just by contacting it.  The Boric acid will eat away at them until they die.  A bait can also be made with boric acid.  Be sure to keep pets and children away from any type of boric acid mixture.  Cockroaches In My House Phoenix AZ


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