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Commercial Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Flies and the Workplace

All it takes for your work facility to develop a fly infestation is one rotten banana.  Flies are stubborn little pests that can undermine any business’s image and cost money…..especially if you lose customers because of their activity.

If you aren’t even in the business of preparing, selling, or packaging foods, your building will still attract flies.  Flies seek us out for food, water and shelter.  This is easy to find just by accessing your building’s many entrances.  To keep flies away and to stop them in their tracks, you need to know all the different fly species so that you can make sure your staff and tenants are educated as well. 

Knowing what you are looking at and looking for, is the first step to managing a fly issue.  Here are the most common flies you will spot:

  1. House flies  These guys are often found in retail or office environments.  They are an “occasional invader”…..not necessarily a long-term resident.  When you see a house fly, remember that the surrounding area could be a breeding site.  Open doors or negative air pressure may be what is drawing them in. 
  2.  Fruit Flies  These guys love employees that leave food out like fruit, veggies, dirty dishes or trash in the break room.  They can easily find their way into a building on shipments that have fruits and vegetables.  Commercial Pest Control Phoenix AZ
  3.  Drain Flies  This particular fly will lay eggs in waste drain lines, or even toilets that aren’t flushed often.  They bring in pathogens from sewer lines.  Making sure these guys stay away is a must.  Keep an eye out for them in bathrooms.
  4.  Fungus Gnats  This fly comes into the building on live potted plants.  They love damp soil—so if you are overwatering a plant, it can cause their eggs to hatch because of excessive moisture. 
  5.  Phorid Flies  When food-handling isn’t present but these guys are, its an indication of a sewer line break below the building. They survive off moisture and breed in decaying matter  Commercial Pest Control Phoenix AZ

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