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Cricket Pest Control Carefree AZ

Controlling Crickets In and Around the Home

Centipedes, millipedes, and crickets are considered to be occasional invaders of the home and other buildings.  Crickets prefer to live outside—they do not survive well indoors or breed indoors.  They will enter structures, however, in search of shelter if the weather is bad.  They also can accidentally just hope through an open door, window, or other opening…..and not find their way out. 


Crickets are attracted to warmth---so most often they are found in kitchens, by the furnace or water heater.  Once crickets are inside, they can burrow into cracks or get behind baseboards. 


All About The House Cricket

  •  ¾ to 1 inch long
  • Light yellow-brown body; 3 dark bands on head; pointed wings
  • Will eat almost anything
  • Chews on fabric, paper, rubber, and food


All About The Field Cricket

  • ½ to ¾ inch long
  • Dark brown-black body; curbed wings
  • Eats plants and fabric
  • Attracted to light at night


If you have one or two crickets in the home, rarely will they cause damage.  But a large population can be quite a concern.  Cricket Pest Control Carefree AZ


Controlling Crickets in the Home

  1.  If you are hearing chirping in just one or two places, place glue boards in the area of the room where you are hearing chirping.  Corn meal works excellent as bait.  Place the cornmeal in the center of the board.  The cricket should be captured within 2 days. 
  2. If the cricket is found, you can simply vacuum it up.  Empty the vacuum and throw the contents in an outside trash can.  If there is a heavy infestation, sprays and baits are available at your local home and garden stores.  Make sure to read all labels.  Cricket Pest Control Carefree AZ

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