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3 Common Spider in Maricopa County

Hate to break the news to you, but spiders are EVERYWHERE!  Studies have shown that you are never more than 10 feet (some studies say 3 feet) away from one of these pests!  You can’t hide from them, but they can certainly hide from you!  Check out an early article for details on some other spiders you may come across in the Valley.


Jumping Spider:

These guys are small and hairy.  They have two eyes that center right in the front of their head.  They are not dangerous to humans and only jump on their prey.  These spiders are quite small, and you may not even know they are close by! 


Tarantulas are the world’s largest spiders, and probably the most misunderstood.  In movies, they are often portrayed as a killer spider.  The thing is, the venom of these hairy guys is much milder than a honeybee.  Tarantulas can be found crawling out of washes, or crawling across the pavement during the summer time. Desert Pest Control Fountain Hills AZ

Wolf Spider:

This particular spider may seem like a strange fit in Arizona, mainly, because of its love for water.  Pools, lakes, and canals are the perfect home for these guys.  They are poisonous, but not deadly.  Leave them alone, and you will be safe from harm.


So even though these pests are always close by, most are not a threat to your everyday life.  Still, you definitely don’t want them just hanging around where you play, eat, and sleep.  Call us today to help you rid your home of spiders!  Desert Pest Control Fountain Hills AZ


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