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Desert Pest Control Mesa AZ


Some of the most sneakiest pests you may see in your Phoenix home?  Spiders!  They are nocturnal, which means they come out at night after a full day of hiding in cracks, crevices, crawl spaces, garages, yards, stored boxes, and any other clutter that is great for hiding. 

The Desert makes a great home for a spider.  The year round temperatures are a comfy environment for them. 

Black Widow:

Most popular spider found in the area and 22 of the 39 species call Arizona their home.  Their webs are made of strong silk to catch flies, grasshoppers, moths, beetles, and even other spiders.  Their venom effects the nervous system of humans, but contrary to popular hysteria, it is not likely fatal. 

Brown Recluse:

Other names for this spider are fiddle-back or violin because of the brown shape on the back.  The species of Brown Recluse you are most likely to see is called the Sonoran Brown or Mojave Brown.  If you see one, don’t bother it.  They are among the deadliest spiders found in the world. Desert Pest Control Mesa AZ

Giant Crab Spider:

You may feel the bite of this large desert dweller, you most likely wont feel or experience any other symptoms.  These guys can be found on vertical surfaces like trees and shrubs.  They don’t spin a web, instead, they overpower their prey. 

Black and Yellow Garden Spider:

Just like the name, they are colored boldly in black and yellow and are mostly found in orchards or gardens.  They may surprise you in your roses or tomatoes, but are not likely to bite.  If they do, the reaction will be most likely mild. Desert Pest Control Mesa AZ


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