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Interesting Facts About Ants


You can find ants almost anywhere you live, but certain ants are unique.  Check out these interesting ant facts below. 


Fact #1:  Colonies are bigger than the average ant farm


An ant colony can be found in any shape or size.  There are a few species that live in colonies of only a few dozen ants.  The average ant colony contains thousands of ants.  A smaller colony will live in a natural crevice or opening, but a larger colony will create a nest and forage for supplies and food.  There are also colonies called “super colonies” found around the world.  They contain more than 300 million ants.  These colonies have been found in Japan, Australia, United States, and southern Europe. 


Fact #2: Ants have specific jobs.

Ants are considered to be social insects, and they divide their jobs among different types of ants.  The queen(s) have only one job, to lay eggs.  All the other female ants are workers.  They feed the larvae, take out the trash, look for food and supplies, and defend the nest. The only job of the male ant is to mate with the queen. Eco-Friendly Pest Control Near Me Mesa AZ

Fact #3: Ants don't have ears.

Ants hear by feeling for vibration in the ground.  They have sensors on their feet and on their knees.  They will also use their antennae and the hairs on their body to feel while looking for food. 


Fact #4: One ant species is exclusively female.

Within the M. Smithii species, researchers have not found a male ant.  The queen ant reproduces asexually, all offspring are clones of the queen.  This species can be found in several Central America countries and most countries of South America. Eco-Friendly Pest Control Near Me Mesa AZ



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