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Interesting Facts About Ants

(see previous article for missed facts!)


Fact #1: Ants can become zombies.

I would say the most strangest ant fact there is, is a species of fungus that infects ants and takes control of their bodies.  This fungus finds its way under the ant’s exoskeleton and begins to eat the soft tissue.  Shortly after this, it causes the ant to leave its colony.  The ant will then find a leaf, bite it with a “death grip” and die.  Within a few days, the fungus will release spores and infect more ants.  There are some species of ants that have learned to recognize an infected ant and will then carry them far away to protect the colony. 

Fact #2: Ants can lift 10-50 times their body weight.

Ants are small, their muscles are thicker.  This will allow ants to carry objects much heavier and bigger than them!  Lets put this into perspective: If humans could lift 10 times their body weight, a 200-pound man could life a small car above his head. 

Fact #3: Some ants are homeless.  Eco-Friendly Pest Control Near Me Phoenix AZ

Not all ants build nests.  There are a group of about 200 species that are known as army ants.  They have two phases to their life: nomad and stationary.  During the nomad phase, ants travel all day and attack other colonies and insects that they encounter, for food.  At night, they will build a temporary nest.  The only time they stop traveling is during the stationary phase when the queen lays eggs.  The colony will then wait for them to hatch.  During this time, worker ants make a nest out of their own bodies to protect the queen, food, and eggs. Eco-Friendly Pest Control Near Me Phoenix AZ


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