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Environment Friendly Pest Control Mesa AZ

Pests that Wreak Havoc on your Garden, Continued

If you garden, chances are, that garden is babied!  It takes time, and quite a lot of effort to keep a pest free garden.  There is nothing worse than watching pests eat up your beautiful vegetables and fruits.  Here are some simple tips to try to keep the pests away, and keep your garden growing delicious foods! 

  1. Cutworms

These guys are fat, about 1 inch in length, and are gray or black larvae that is active at night.  They love the early vegetables and flower seedlings, and are found all throughout North America.  These cutworms will chew through stems at the ground level and can completely devour a small plant in their prime time, May and June.  To control these guys, use cutworm collars on transplants, delay your planting, hand pick these guys out of the garden.  They will be curled below the soil surface. 

  1.  Colorado Potato Beetle

The adults are yellow-orange and have ten black stripes on their wing covers.  They love potatoes, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, and petunias.  They defoliate plants, reducing how much they yield or kill the young plants.  To control these guys, apply floating row covers, use deep straw mulch, hand pick your veggies, and encourage native parasites and predators. Environment Friendly Pest Control Mesa AZ

  1.  Mexican Bean Beetle

The adults are oval, yellow-brown in color, and ¼ inch in length.  They also have 16 black spots on their wing covers.  The larvae are fat, dark yellow, and have branches spines.  They love cowpeas, lima beans, snap beans, and soybeans.  These guys are found eat of the Mississippi River, and also parts of Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas and Utah.

The adults and larvae will chew on leaves from beneath and leave a lacy appearance.  To control these pests, apply floating row covers, plant bush beans early, hand pick your veggies, plant a soybean trap crop, put out lures to draw predators into your yard.  Environment Friendly Pest Control Mesa AZ


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