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Flea Pest Control Fountain Hills, AZ

Questions You May Have About Fleas

Have you ever seen a flea on your pet?  They are super fast, and they usually aren’t something you can just grab and remove. 

Do Fleas Fly?

Fleas do not fly, in fact, as adults, they do not have wings, either.  They jump onto their host when the host passes by.  Flea larvae are the most mobile and move slowly from one location to another, by simply crawling. Flea larvae moves so it can locate food and protect itself. 

Do Fleas Carry Disease?

Yes, they can.  They can transmit their disease when they take a blood meal from whoever their host is, or disease is also transmitted through contaminated fecal pellets.  The disease they may carry are: Flea Pest Control Fountain Hills, AZ

*Plague---this is transmitted through the Oriental Rate Flea. 

*Murine Typhus---This is transmitted by the bacteria infested feces of cat fleas.  It can be transmitted when the flea bites or by scratching the area of the bite.

*Bartonellosis----Carried by the Oriental and Cat Flea

*Flea Tapeworm---transmitted to children who may accidently eat an infected flea or contact infected flea feces

*Tungiasis---Found in tropical areas, the flea will burrow into the skin when it takes a blood meal.  When the adult female flea feeds, she grows larger because the eggs are developing.  This Chigoe Flea bite usually results in an infection and also itching.  


If you are worried you may have fleas in the home or in the yard, do not hesitate to contact your local pest control company!  Flea Pest Control Fountain Hills, AZ

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