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Flea Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Cycle of Fleas

Although fleas are great at hiding in pet fur, once you know what you are looking for, they are pretty easy to spot when they are in their adult stage.  Adult fleas are fairly easy to locate, especially if the pet has been away from the home for a while and they are unable to have a blood meal.  If that happens, fleas will start to jump around trying to and on you and the pets. 

Now the eggs, larvae and pupae is a totally different situation.  These stages are a lot more secretive, and not active hardly at all.  They can be found in spaces that you do not normally look at; under furniture, pet’s bedding, inside cracks and grooves in floors, and carpet.  Female fleas deposit flea eggs, and they fall off the pet when it moves; dispersing them throughout the environment.  Flea eggs are nearly half of the entire flea population.  Larvae, however, makes up about 35% of the flea population. Flea Pest Control Phoenix AZ

As long as the condition for larvae stays favorable, it will spin cocoons anywhere from 5-20 days after the eggs are hatched. The Cocoon is the flea’s pupal stage, and this makes up about 10% of the flea population.  This stage is the last stage before the adult flea emerges.  The crazy thing is, if the conditions are not favorable, the cocoon is able to protect the developing flea for months…..or even longer than that. 

The adult flea will not emerge from the cocoon until a viable host is detected; by vibration, carbon dioxide, and body heat.  So this could mean that a pet walks by, or people moving around in the home.  This behavior alerts the flea, and it will emerge from its cocoon, so it can feed.  Once the adult flea has come out of its cocoon, it will take a blood meal within 24-48 hours.  Once the adult has had it’s first meal, it will then mate, and the female will begin laying eggs.  The female flea cannot lay its eggs until she has had a blood meal.  Flea Pest Control Phoenix AZ



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