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All About Drain Flies


Drain flies are about 1.5 to 5 millimeters long and have a light grey or tan body. Their wings are even lighter than their body.  Their bodies and wings are covered with long hairs, so the fly looks “fuzzy” in appearance.  When the drain fly is resting, it will fold in its wings over the body, like a roof. 

In the home, drain flies are commonly found on bathroom, kitchen, or basement walls.  They are more active at night, and do not bite.  They also do not transmit human diseases.  Drain flies feed on organic matter and sewage.  Fly exterminator phoenix az

These flies will lay their eggs almost anywhere where decomposing organic matter is found.  As long as the conditions for them are favorable, the flies can go through one generation in about a week.  The larvae is rarely seen by homeowners—it is usually located inside drains.  The larvae is not longer than 10 mm in length and when they are fully mature, it will have a dark strip on it’s back.  The larvae do not have eyes nor legs. 

If you suspect you have a drain fly infestation, the most noticeable sign you will see is the adult drain fly.  They are mostly seen on the bathroom walls or around the breeding material.  The best way to control these types of flies are to remove the breeding site, the organic matter.  Like the name, it most likely is collecting in the drains.  So if these flies are present in the home, chances are there is a clogged  or slow drain somewhere not too far from where you are seeing the flies.  Fly exterminator phoenix az


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