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How To Get Rid Of Wasps



Wasps are a season pest, and chances are, you are seeing them flying around currently.  They can become quite the nuisance from mid-summer onwards.  There are 2 species that are the most common; Common Wasp (Vespula Vulgaris) and the German Wasp (Vespula Germanica).  Their size and color are slightly different but their behavior for the most part, is identical.  If you have a nest containing thousands above your bedroom window, you wont care what type they are, you will just want them gone! 


Wasp Nests


Now this is important information.  You will see where and when you can save money when it comes to dealing with the wasps. 


Adult wasps feed on nectar and fruits.  Wasp larva feed on insects that are gathered for them by adult working wasps.  Wasps don’t store food, so when autumn arrives and their natural food source starts to disappear, the whole wasp colony will die out.  The only survivors will the be the young queens that left the nest early.  These young queens will mate with drones (the drones then die).  They young queens will then try to find a sheltered location and hibernate there through the winter.  An old nest will not be re-used the following year.  Fountain Hills Pest Control AZ


When spring arrives, these queens will start a new nest all by themselves.  The queen will find a location and start to build the nest by chewing on wood or plant fibres to mix with saliva to form a paper mixture.  She will then mold this paper into a ball shape, creating egg chambers.  Once she has completed it, she will lay 1 egg into each chamber.  After the eggs have hatched into larvae, she will spend the rest of her time gathering caterpillars and bugs to feed the larvae.  Once the larvae mature into working wasps, the queen will retire into the nest and spend the rest of her life just laying eggs.  Fountain Hills Pest Control AZ


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