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Signs of a Gnat Infestation

I love to grocery shop.  There is something “peaceful” to me about coming home… out the fridge and organizing it with delicious fresh fruits.  What I don’t love?  The pesky gnats that suddenly appear. 


Do you have a gnat problem?  The main sign of gnat infestation is when you see an adult flying about in the air. 


Depending on what type of gnat you have, controlling and getting rid of them, may vary.  To best control a fungal gnat, the first step is to identify a plant that has wet soil….let the soil dry completely up before watering it again.  Doing this will kill the larval stage in the soil.  If you have adult gnats, they can be vacuumed up from windows and from around the plants. 


With most gnat populations, their food source needs to be located and corrected if at all possible.  Fruits should not be exposed to open air, therefor, keeping fruit in the fridge will protect it from gnats and also prolong the fruit’s ripeness.  Water plants only when they need water—this will prevent fungus gnat infestations. 


If you are still finding it hard to get rid of these types of pests, schedule a pest control inspection. 


Other ways to rid your home of Gnats:

1.    Fly swatter!  This will kill individual insects.

2.   Identify the insect, then ask for assistance from your pest control professional. 

3.   Pesticides.  This requires careful application.  Some can be harmful to humans or pets if they are misapplied. #toppestcontrolcompany

4.   Electric Fly Exploder:  This can electrocute individual gnats and help control their population outside the home.  The only issue with this, is it can kill beneficial insects as well. 

5.   Insect Traps:  There are some that plug into an electrical outlet.  It emits an ultraviolet light source.  Flying insects are attracted to it and then are caught by the sticky surface of the trap once they approach. 


As you can see, most of these methods only address adult specimens.  To treat an entire gnat infestation, including the larvae, consult your local pest control company.  Fountain Hills Pest Control AZ


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